Pinball Football Champion

Pinball Football Champion is a fun game that combines pinball with soccer. In this game, you must strategically guide the ball between obstacles and pegs. The final goal is to kick the ball into the goal and earn points. Coins will be placed on the field as obstacles. It will impede the path of the ball you kick. Be very skilled at passing the ball to your teammates and throwing it into the goal. Can you dominate the field, score points, and win the championship?

When you enter the game, you'll see a pinball field that resembles a soccer field. Coins are set in the middle of the field, along with four football players. The goalkeeper charges and throws the ball to his colleagues. You will direct these players to toss the ball. The ball will strike the coin and hit one of the players, who is constantly spinning. You can pause the recording at the appropriate time for the player to shoot the ball, pass it to a teammate, or aim for a goal.

Tips To Win

The most important aspect of this game is choosing the proper direction to throw the ball. Each level will include six balls. The goal of each round is to hurl at least three balls into the goal. Use your sharpness and accuracy to determine the best time to throw the ball. Improve your soccer abilities and become a winner!

How To Play

  • Click to send the ball and place it in the goal.

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