Ragdoll Archers

Are you ready to enjoy a game that combines archery and stick figures in Ragdoll Archers? You will play the role of an archer in this game. It is your task to annihilate your opponent by precisely shooting arrows at him. The objective is to survive for as long as you can while defeating adversaries to gain skulls and the game's money.

Your character will appear on the screen in front of you, armored and holding a bow. The enemy will be far away on the other side, waiting for a chance to eliminate you. To eliminate your adversaries before they kill you, draw your bow as forcefully as you can and prepare to shoot the arrow as correctly as you can.

It will be necessary for you to rapidly aim your bow and arrow at your adversary while estimating the force and path of your shot. Press to launch the bow and arrow at the adversary when you're ready. If you defeat the opposition, you will receive a specific number of points. You gain more points by eliminating more opponents. So grab your bow, aim, and demonstrate your archery prowess in this exciting PvP encounter!

How To Play

  • Using the mouse, you can find and eliminate your rivals.

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