Real Freekick 3D

When it comes to game night in Real Freekick 3D, be ready to put on a fantastic show! The winner of this penalty shootout game will be determined by a string of intense shootouts. To place your team at the top of the league, you must score more points than the other team in each game. Evaluate your accuracy and the force of your punches and kicks. Are you capable of leading your squad to victory?

Since you are the team captain and have the final say on all major football choices, you should warm up well before the game. You take the position of the attacker when you take a shot, trying to score as many goals as you can. In the meantime, your aim as the goalkeeper is to stop the opposition from scoring. The match will last longer between each try, and it ends when the clock reaches ninety minutes.

Guide To Play

You have the chance to see both sides of the penalty-taking process in the game. Using the mouse, you may change the direction of the ball as you kick it to kick it into the opponent's goal. Once you're happy, release your hand to fire the ball, and click and hold the mouse on the ball to change the force of your kick. Keep an eye out for the red circle on the goal post when you're the goalie. Click on this circle to block the ball when it becomes blue.

How To Play

  • To play as an attacker or a goalie, use the mouse.

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