Run 3

The goal of the newest infinite running game, Run 3, is for the player to maneuver microscopic aliens in space. In this game, players take control of a character who can be either an adorable alien or a strange beast that must be avoided while racing through a network of never-ending space tubes. Running through the never-ending tunnel and surviving is your major objective.

A thrilling new version of the game awaits players, with new regions and a very straightforward objective: run constantly and, above all, make sure your character doesn't fall. You have to make an effort to cross the street, avoid stumbling, and avoid running into holes, bricks, traps, or other potentially harmful obstructions. The game will finish, and you will have to restart from that level if you hit the wall.

Your objective is to travel as far as you can through this odd passageway without ever falling into deep space. This gripping and exhilarating action game will send you on a harrowing adventure through a hazardous location with plenty of nearby perils. Have you ventured into this thrilling game's infinite world?

How To Play

  • Using the WASD or arrow keys, the user controls his character to move through the tunnel.

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