Santa Run

In the game Santa Run, you must assist Santa in gathering as many gifts as he can. Christmas mayhem breaks out as a cunning panda steals Santa's valuable gold as he is preparing his presents. You will assist Santa in gathering as many presents as you can because Santa brings gifts to all the kids.

Santa sets out on a lightning pursuit through the ice landscape, dodging sharp objects and sneaking past crafty animals. You must sprint, jump, and avoid obstacles in order to accomplish this. In order for everyone to experience complete delight this Christmas, the mission of bringing joy must be accomplished.

Playing this game requires you to work on your reflexes. The longer you play this game, the more challenging it gets and the more barriers there are to go over. Play the finest Santa run and jump game, the Christmas Santa race, and have fun. Be brave and resolute to see the task through to the finish!

How To Play

  • Swipe or use the arrow buttons to move and jump. When gathering the gifts, stay clear of all the barriers.

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