Slam Dunk Forever

Play Slam Dunk Forever, an amazing new game, and see how many dunks you can make! A basketball court with the basket positioned a specific distance from the ball will be visible to you when playing this game. The basketball swings on a string on the other side. It's up to you to decide when to expertly cut the rope and place the ball within the basket.

Because the hoop is near the wall, your first few attempts might be simple. However, you'll need to cut the swinging ball so that it lands in the basket while you wait for the exact center of the screen. However, you shouldn't worry because your skills will get better the more you practice. Your timing and accuracy will be tested by obstacles like spikes and bouncers.

You can also try to acquire the highest score and earn money to purchase bonuses. When tossing a winged gold coin, try to cause damage; a rope will offer you well-deserved benefits. Do you believe you have the self-assurance necessary to succeed in this challenge?


  • Unlimited game play and endless levels
  • Numerous difficult barriers contribute to its unpredictable nature.
  • When trapped, save your coins to purchase springs and magnets.

How To Play

  • To release the ball from the string and into the basket, click.

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