Spin Basketball

Are you prepared to start Spin Basketball and use your intellect to sprint the ball to the basket? This is a rather distinct take on a basketball-like sports game. All you have to do is put the basketball in the hoop when it's your turn. Although it sounds easy, it's not really. To make the correct decision and put the ball in the hoop, you must utilize all of your intelligence. if your math goes off and the ball escapes. You're going to lose.

The screen on the other side of the game will have a basketball hoop when you first launch it. A ball will swing like a pendulum on a string somewhere else. The direction in which the ball can roll to cut the string must be determined. You will use the mouse to tilt the red wheel when the ball lands on it. You can then shoot the ball into the hoop.

Additionally, you can gather additional coins and score more points as the ball moves toward the basket. Your chances of emerging as the lone winner increase with the number of points you possess. Do you think this game is excellent? You will find that our assertion is 100% true if you start playing right away! Make it through each level to become a basketball master!

How To Play

  • To play, use a mouse or touch screen.

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