Street Dunk

Basketball records are waiting to be broken in the thrilling world of Street Dunk and you can make it happen. You may immerse yourself in a game that mixes the excitement of basketball with the strategic thinking of a puzzle with only a few finger taps. Are you prepared to put your skills to use and enter the field?

Practice and record setting are the two engaging game modes that await you when you launch this game. You need to be precise and dexterous in order to succeed. When taking a shot, you have to aim to keep the ball from hitting any barriers or, if that is not possible, to make sure it glides into the circle smoothly. Although the white circle offers assistance, you can still accomplish significant tasks and demonstrate your abilities by not depending too heavily on it.

Are you prepared to rise to the occasion and win the title of ultimate street dung champion? It's time to get on the court, take on the challenges, and use your incredible basketball talents to create history. Prepare yourself for a thrilling game that will test your mettle and keep you fascinated through to the very end.

How To Play

To shoot toward the circles, use the mouse. To make a path, left-click and drag. Release the mouse to attempt the shot once you believe you have the right path selected. If it passes through, you'll receive points and move on to the next level, which requires you to repeat the same action.


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