Street Fighter 2

You'll enter a martial arts-filled universe in the competitive fighting game Street Fighter 2. You will assist a man by the name of Ryu in becoming the most well-known street fighter in this game. The gameplay of the game is similar to previous iterations, with two warriors battling it out until one loses all of their health.

Your hero must prevail in numerous conflicts in order to gain fame and victory. The game begins with your character strolling down a city street. The person on the other side of you is your archenemy and will stop at nothing to bring you down. To battle your opponents, you can select one of the eight playable characters. Every character has a distinct combat motivation, fighting style, and set of martial arts abilities.

You will control the character to fight the opponent in front of you after selecting it. You'll need to execute a slew of intricate maneuvers in addition to a sequence of punches and kicks. To prevent your opponents from outwitting you, it's crucial to calculate these tricks precisely. It is your task to eliminate the opponent by first resetting his life bar. If you defeat your opponent, you will win the battle and receive points. Can you use every character to finish the game? Happy and best of luck!

How To Play

  • Shift: Insert coins
  • Enter: Start
  • Arrow: Move
  • Z: Button A
  • X: Button B
  • C: C button
  • Answer: X button
  • S: Y button
  • D: Z button

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