Swipe Basketball

In the Swipe Basketball game, demonstrate your incredible batting abilities and aim for the highest score. Aim to become a champion and attain achievement through hard work. In this game, your goal is to hurl as many balls as possible into the basket from various locations. Can you make every shot and become a master player?

You will see a basketball goal in front of you; in front of you is a basket in the distance. At the start, you will have three balls. Each time you throw the ball, you will lose one ball, so each time you throw the ball, you need to calculate carefully before throwing the ball into the basket. It sounds simple, but the ball will appear in different positions, making the game much more complicated.

To begin the game, click on the ball with your mouse and move it to aim for the ring. The ball will be released after you release the button. You can see your parameters, such as the number of points you earn, in the bottom corner of the screen. Test yourself and break your own records. How many points can you earn playing this entertaining game? Start playing to know the answer.

How To Play

  • To send the ball flying, just swipe the screen.

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