Tappus Free Kick Challenge

Prepare to demonstrate your football prowess in this exciting Tappus Free Kick Challenge game! It's a free-kick challenge game. This implies that there will be defensive players seated in a wall between you and the goalie, which you will need to learn how to move through. Feel the rush of executing strong kicks to net the game-winning goal.

Determine the best paths to take in order to score, keep the ball in the net, and avoid missing any spins—missing too many spins will result in a loss. To play the game, swipe or drag the screen. If you wish to alter direction, aim, power your shot, and make another swipe to generate the ball. To score and search for points, enter goals. No matter how many times you replay a scene, aim to always beat your score. high score to prevail. Beat your formula or record.


  • The difficulty of the levels increases as the number of obstacles rises.
  • The graphics and UI of the game are realistic in 3D.
  • Make room so that the ball can enter the goal directly by concentrating on that.
  • Numerous unforeseen circumstances occur.

How To Play

  • To construct a path for the ball to follow, swipe the mouse.

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