Tonball is the ideal basketball game if you're searching for something fresh. You will have to play a somewhat different kind of basketball in this game. While the objective of the game is still to toss the ball into the basket, you will need your leverage knowledge to calculate and do so in this game rather than utilizing your hands.

Initially, a basketball court will show up on the screen in front of you. You have to toss the ball into the basket that is located on the opposite side. You will see a wooden pole with a ball lying on it at a specific distance. You'll see a large weight above the wooden staff.

You will have to determine the trajectory of the ball precisely. Next, select the object's weight and place it on the wooden bar holding the basketball. The ball will now take a specific path as it flies through the air. It will fall into the basket, and you will get points if your sight is perfect. But with limited time, you have to be really nimble. Recall that the ball will travel the furthest when the weight is the heaviest. I hope you can throw the ball into the basket accurately!

How To Play

  • Click to change the weight.
  • To move the wooden bar, use the right and left arrow keys.

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