Toss Like A Boss is an engaging game that will put your outstanding throwing talents to the test. This is no ordinary basketball game; it is exceedingly difficult and cannot be ignored. The purpose is to throw various objects into pots or black holes. Do you want to join the game now?

First, select one of the game's two modes: standard mode or rush mode. In normal mode, you will hurl every character on the screen into the pot. In the rush level, you must swiftly throw the characters that appear on the screen before the previous one disappears. However, in all forms, the task is the same: throw the character into the pot.

To do so, target the mouse and then release it. Each level features uniquely created characters and locations. There will be 60 seconds per throw, with the remaining time displayed at the top of the screen. Each correct toss earns you one point. Try to get as many positive points as possible. Are you prepared for this difficult game?

How To Play

  • Drag and drop the ball and attempt to hit the basket.

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