Trick Hoops

Take the ball and toss it accurately into the hoop in Trick Hoops. The game's multiple levels and difficulties will keep you playing indefinitely. Prove that sophisticated shoots with multiple impediments are insufficient to stop an experienced player like you.

First, choose one of the available characters. There are two characters, with the sole difference being their looks. Your goal in this game is to score with as few balls as possible. The game features fascinating gameplay, including a typical city scene with simple controls. You only need to aim, shoot, and land the shot neatly in the basket.

You can freely explore all 12 levels of play. Each level will contain a number of stars for you to gather. The fewer balls you throw, the more stars you earn. However, there is a limit to how many balls you can throw. You only have five tosses; if you throw all five turns, the game is over. In addition to the basic levels, there are four extra levels that can only be opened if you collect enough stars. So plan carefully to acquire enough stars to complete the final stages. Can you complete each level in this game?


  • There are two different characters to pick from.
  • 12 levels to accomplish.
  • Four difficulty levels can only be accessed after accumulating enough points.

How To Play

  • Use the house to overcome obstacles and throw the ball.

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