Ultimate Dunk Line 3

Pick up a pen and draw a path to get the ball into the basket in Ultimate Dunk Line 3. This is a 2D basketball game loved by players on our site. In this game, you must draw a line so that the ball can follow your line and enter the basket.

In front of you, you will see a basket of balls hanging in space. At high levels and minimum distances, there will be a ball. You will be given a special pencil. You will use this pencil to draw a complete line around the basket fee. Accordingly, the ball above will fall and roll on your drawn line. If you draw a perfect line, the ball will fall into the basket. This way, you will score goals and get a certain number of points.

The important thing in this game is accuracy. You will continue to demonstrate all your drawing skills with the sole goal of helping the ball fall into the basket. It's not too difficult if you practice regularly. Just try; every round will be under your control. Challenge your abilities and pick up your pencil to play now!

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to draw paths for the ball.

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