Ultimate Swish Game

Prepare to show off your shooting talents in the exhilarating game Ultimate Swish Game. The game is based on properly stopping the ball indicators at the appropriate time to aim and fire the ball into the basket. Your goal is to score as many baskets as possible in the allotted 60 seconds.

To begin, you will see a magnificent basketball court with a stunning design in front of you. On the right side of the screen, there will be an indicator. Your task is to position both balls as close to the center as possible. When you set the ball in the correct center, the path of the character's shadow becomes more exact. Never forget that time is everything! Start your goal of becoming a professional basketball player in this game right now!

A quick tip for you: red, white, and blue basketballs are worth two points (rather than one). So attempt to throw the ball accurately when it has these colors. In addition, speed is essential. Your time is limited. If you shoot too slowly, you will be unable to hit all of the basketballs.


  • Create an attractive basketball theme with a gorgeous design.
  • Playable right away, with basic but hard gameplay concepts.
  • The built-in timer increases the level of pressure and excitement.

How To Play

  • To change the direction of the ball, stop the indicator. 

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