Arcade BasketBall

Greetings and welcome to Arcade Basketball, a fun basketball game. You can demonstrate your accuracy and ball-handling prowess to the onlookers beneath the stands during it. In addition to scoring points, the objective of this thrilling game is to see if you have perfected the timing and accuracy needed to shoot the ball into the hoop.

When you first start this game, a ball-throwing machine with several balls on it will appear in front of you. To earn the highest score possible, you must use your mouse to toss as many balls into the basket as you can. You have to throw as quickly as you can because of the time limit. All you have to do is click on the ball and move it in the direction of the basket. You will score a goal if your scope is accurate.

Tips and Trick

Since there is a time limit and you are competing against the clock, you should really focus on tossing the ball accurately and quickly in the game. Spend less time on quick shots that can miss the mark.


  • Experience the computerized recreation of a real basketball game.
  • A special fusion of accurate timing and trajectory judgment abilities.
  • Gorgeous visuals perfectly convey the thrill and fun of basketball.
  • A system of competitive scoring.

How To Play

  • You throw as many balls into the basket as possible with your mouse

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