Basketball Shooting Stars

With Basketball Shooting Stars, you may get the exhilaration of street basketball directly on your gadget. You have a total of five balls to play in this game. On your screen, it will show up in the upper left corner. It's up to you to click on the ball and move it along a designated path. Make an effort to complete as many stages as you can to earn the best score.

When you start the game, you will find yourself on a street basketball court. There will be a basketball hoop visible, with a ball situated at a specific distance away from it. To assist the ball in flying into the basket, you must locate a fair stopping position. You will need to move the ball along a specific path by clicking on it. You will score a set amount of points if the ball touches the ring.

But frequently, you will find yourself in a scenario where the ball is thrown, but it stops at the basket's mouth and bounces out. Thus, one ball has been lost. You can immediately put the ball in the basket with a little more focus, so don't worry. It all comes down to diligent practice. The game ends, and you receive your points when you lose all five balls.

Tips and Trick

  • The ball will bounce to the outside more easily if the guide's final stop is placed too far or too near the ball.
  • To allow the ball to fall into the ball, maintain a short gap.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse

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