Basketball Hero Jigsaw

An online basketball game in the puzzle and jigsaw game genre is called Basketball Hero Jigsaw. You must assemble the jigsaw pieces in this game in order to see the image of a basketball player. For people who enjoy both jigsaw puzzles and basketball, this is the ideal game.

The screen in front of you will display pictures, including moments from different football games. Out of the twelve photos displayed on the screen, you can select one. After that, you must click on one of the pictures, and it will open in front of you shortly. Then it will take off. You will now need to restore the full original image when you convert and merge these pieces.

You can select from three different modes: easy, medium, and hard. You have a choice of 12 photos with 25 puzzle pieces in the simple mode. Since this level is not overly challenging, you can play it without worrying. There are 49 puzzle pieces in the medium level, which is the next level, nearly twice as many as the last level. For the last difficulty level, you will own one hundred pieces. To finish this level, you must possess exceptional intelligence and put in a lot of practice. Enjoy yourself and have fun!

How To Play

  • To play the game, either touch the screen or use the mouse.

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