Basket Champs

Basket Champs is a game that requires precise angle alignment of the player to score points. The theme of this game is matches between different countries around the world. Get ready for the most dramatic rounds with top dunks. Each time the ball is thrown, the main entity will be in a different position. Your task is to align the direction of the object so it can successfully enter the basket.

During a round of Basket Champs, each team will have a total of five shots. Like a direct-scoring shot, gamers will not be hindered by any opponents. Whichever side scores more goals will become the final winner. Note that, in some situations, the round result will be decided even before the entire throw has been completed. So, please stay calm to have the most accurate controls.

How To Play

The Basket Champs round begins immediately after players choose their favorite country. From the starting point of the ball, players move the mouse to align the direction of the object. Evenly spaced dots are a reliable assistant for you to make more accurate decisions. After choosing the desired landing point, click the mouse to let the ball fly into the basket. Wishing you great dunks and victory over all your opponents.

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