Basketball Beans

Basketball Beans will be a game not to be missed by sports enthusiasts, especially basketball. You will be challenged in the top rounds with adorable characters. Players will take on the role of a member of a basketball team competing with another team. Players will have to face their opponents' quick movements and professional attacks. Your mission is to score goals or help team members get the ball. In one minute of competition, the team with the higher score will become the winner.

After each round of Basketball Beans, players will receive sparkling diamonds as rewards. This number of items can help you unlock different skins for the main character. In addition, you can perform daily tasks to receive additional bonus points.

How To Play

Gamers maneuver the main character by pressing, holding, and moving the mouse in the desired direction. You can notice that at the foot of the main entity, there is a gradually closing circle. When making a complete circle, the temporary boost feature will be activated. Note that each collision with an opponent's member can cause the main object to be thrown away. After the character has a favorable state to attack, players press the spacebar to throw the ball.

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