Basket Monsterz

Basket Monsterz is an immensely entertaining basketball shooting game featuring a variety of monster avatars. In this game, you'll be in a thick environment filled with monsters ranging from Satan to Bigfoot. Your goal is to aim, generate power, and properly align the shooting arc while throwing as many balls into the hoop as possible.

To begin, you will select your favorite monster. On the field, there will be two players to defeat; they must score 11 goals faster than their opponent in the basket behind them. There is no order to the shots, so you can do anything it takes to put the ball in the hoop more than your opponent. Throwing a dotted line will help you aim better. Everything is determined by the accuracy and speed with which each throw is made. Pass each stage by engaging in one-on-one combat with other monsters. Pay attention to the time since it will run out eventually.

When you win a match, you will get stars. You can use them to purchase additional monsters or to improve your basketball abilities. As a result, you will have a better chance of winning in subsequent rounds. Try your hardest to compete in the competition by competing and winning the title without losing any rounds. This is a fantastically fun game that is ideal for you!

How To Play

  • Tap or tap and hold, then release to shoot.

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