Basket Slam Dunk

Help a guy in a red shirt practice his dunk in the ring during a game of Basket Slam Dunk. This is an entertaining basketball sport that requires you to shoot the ball like a professional athlete. Your goal is to jump into the air and swing your arms to help the ball land in the basket. Can you master this entertaining and unique game?

Your character will appear on screen first, holding a ball. The opposite side has a basket ready for you to throw into. When you click on the screen, a dashed line will appear, representing the ball's trajectory. You'll use this trajectory cue to direct the ball into the basket. After calculating all of these actions, click the mouse to have your character jump and toss the ball into the hoop. If you execute everything perfectly, the ball will fall into the basket, and you will receive points.

To complete the game, you must coordinate your motions. But don't worry; you'll get there after a few attempts and gradual practice. You can use the money you earn to purchase additional fantastic balls and try to complete the collection. This amusing basketball challenge appears simple, but wait until you try it. Continue to hone your basketball talents in order to rise through the ranks.

How To Play

  • To select a player, tap, hold, and drag. Let go to launch into a vertical leap. You can jump down by pressing again to turn the arm.

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