Basketball Dare Level Pack

Welcome to Basketball Dare Level Pack, the thrilling new basketball game on our website! It requires you to precisely forecast the trajectory of the ball as you shoot it in order to get it into the basket. Are you brave enough to join the ranks of hoops enthusiasts?

The key elements that assist the ball in landing in the appropriate basket are the throwing force and angle. To make effective pitches, you have to come up with your own plan. That being said, there will be numerous obstacles in your path as you attempt to toss the ball. As such, you must always be aware of any obstructions in your immediate vicinity.

You're in for a thrilling and difficult game with up to 40 levels. Power is determined by mouse distance, while angle is determined by mouse position. The most important thing is to focus on putting the ball in the hoop. An extra 1000 game points are yours if you make the hoop on your first attempt. However, you will receive 100 penalty points for each failed attempt. To complete all the new fun and difficult levels, practice your ball-throwing technique!

How To Play

  • Control the angle and direction using your mouse or touch before releasing to launch the ball.

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