Basketball Swooshes

Basketball Swooshes is a fun and engaging online basketball game for one or two players. You can play this game live online against a large number of other players from across the globe. You'll start by selecting your preferred football team. Once you enter the level, you will see your opponent on one half of a basketball court.

As a representative of your nation, you'll compete to advance past the group stage and win the competition. Whether you win or lose the entire match, your ultimate score will be revealed. There are three game types available in this game: World Cup, Time Trial, and Two-Player Mode.

In the World Cup mode, users select from 32 teams and compete with the computer to win the trophy. In time trial mode, players must score eleven points as quickly as they can. You can play on two devices with your friends in the two-player mode. Are you prepared to defeat your rivals? Demonstrate it, and honor your nation of choice!

How To Play

  • To aim, move the mouse, and to shoot, use the left click.

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