Basketball Tournament 3D

In Basketball Tournament 3D, welcome to the exciting and highly addicting world of sports gameplay that is everything but conventional. When you first start playing, you will receive a ball to use in various sections of the field. You have to attempt to shoot as many times as you can to put the ball in the hoop from these places. This game features easy hold and shoot controls that simulate playing basketball in real life.

You can make strong baskets to unlock different achievements and win coins and in-game money. To accomplish this, swipe the mouse in the desired direction, trying to aim for the ideal angle, and apply enough force to put the ball in the hoop. You will lose if the ball flies out, but you will score extra points if it lands in the basket after being well-aimed.

Tips and Trick

Your skill to precisely aim at the basket is what matters most in this game. To improve your chances of hitting clean shots, raising your score, and obtaining fireball prizes, you can practice on a regular basis.


  • A standard throw earns two points, while a clean throw earns three.
  • There are six modes to accommodate all skill levels.
  • Gain thrilling fireball bonuses by consistently scoring points.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse

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