Helix Dunk 3D

The objective of the brand-new basketball game Helix Dunk 3D is to score baskets. This is not like any other basketball game you have ever played. You will be in charge of a bouncing ball as it climbs stairs in this game. Eventually, you'll get beyond the difficulties and shoot the ball into the hoop.

At the end of the alley, you have to shoot a basketball through a high-hanging hoop. To rotate the platform and allow the ball to fly into the ring, you will need to aim precisely. You will fail and go back to where you were if the ball is not in the basket on the first attempt. You can still move forward and start tossing the ball at this point.

There are yellow stars strewn all over the place; you can gather them as they are really beneficial. You can buy a new basketball when you accumulate a certain number of stars. You have a lot of thrilling stages and the achievement of the highest altitudes ahead of you. You'll succeed if you have patience. Good luck, and have fun while playing the game!

How To Play

  • To rotate the platform, use the left mouse button.

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