Basketball Flip

In Basketball Flip, you'll use your intellect to calculate and throw a basketball into the basket. This is a fun basketball game with 3D visuals that you will enjoy while playing. The game has over 56 levels that will test your thinking and skills. Each level presents its own unique challenge, with varying barriers and difficulty levels for you to overcome.

When you start this game, you will see a ball suspended overhead by a hand. The ball basket is located underneath and serves as the target for you to hurl the ball into. There will be obstacles along the path between the ball and the basket, each with a unique black and yellow shape. Depending on the level, you can move and rotate them so that your calculations result in the ball entering the hoop.

If your calculations are correct, the ball will follow the desired trajectory and fall within the inner circle, allowing you to score. Tap to release the basketball and watch it fall into the basket. To adjust the position of an obstacle, simply double-click the left mouse button twice. Take your ball and calculate how to put it in the basket!


  • There are 56 tough levels.
  • User-friendly controls
  • Obstacles can be rotated.

How To Play

  • To rotate the obstacle, use the left mouse button and double-click.

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