is a sports-themed game with exciting competition. Players will take on the role of a basketball player to participate in challenges on the volatile court. Unexpected situations and attacks from opponents can make you unable to react in time. Get ready to use your best skills to control your character to a safe spot to throw the ball. Players navigate the main character to run on the field to pass opponents, dribble the ball, and ultimately create eye-catching dunks. You take turns winning rounds to conquer the prestigious championship. is set in street soccer matches with typical images. Players can easily immerse themselves in the game's surreal scenery. The writing on the walls, the audience, and even the surrounding barriers make it feel like you're participating in a real match.

How To Play

With, players can use the mouse or arrow keys to maneuver the main character.

  • If using a mouse: players press, hold, and move the mouse in the desired direction to navigate the entity.
  • If using the keyboard: the arrow keys will be command buttons to control the object in the corresponding direction.

The main character will automatically get the ball back when colliding with an opponent who has the ball. If a dispute occurs between two players who do not hold the ball, they will fall onto the field. When any member has the ball and runs to a safe point (the green point), the throw will be made automatically. That means you just need to move the main character or help teammates safely into this ideal position to enjoy the ultimate dunk.

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