C3 Basketball League

C3 Basketball League is a sports-themed game with the most accurate alignment shots. The players’ task is to score into the opponent's basket by directing the movement of the ball. The two teams participating in the competition are Westbrook and Lovetron. Please invite more players to have the most complete experience. The two main objects of the two teams will have different colors and designs. You need to pay attention to avoid unfortunate goals. After three minutes, the team that scores more goals will become the final winner.

C3 Basketball League, after many revisions, has a more exciting version. Players can experience the game with images like a real basketball match. Before each pitch, an image of a referee appears with a whistle signaling. Besides, the added spectators also make the atmosphere more lively.

How To Play

First of all, players need to accurately determine the direction of their team's goal basket. Then, pay attention to the thin line shooting out from the main object; this is the direction of the ball. Once there is a reasonable angle of alignment, players click the mouse to throw the ball. The ball hitting the opponent's basket will bring one point to your team.

Although C3 Basketball League can be played with two players, the control commands are the same. Because the throws take place alternately, if you want, you can absolutely play in singles!

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