Hungry Hoops

Hungry Hoops is a game that challenges your professional reflexes and navigation skills. The players’ mission is to put as many balls into the basket as possible. The score you receive is the number of times you score. The balls will continuously appear from the bottom of the screen, creating a non-stop challenge. Players need to always be ready to continuously click on the screen. You will have three misses before the round ends.

During the game round of Hungry Hoops, attractive features will appear from time to time. The main object touches them to unlock these special abilities. To have quality rounds, practice is indispensable. You can participate multiple times to improve your skills and master every situation.

How To Play

In Hungry Hoops, when you see balls flying up from the bottom of the screen, quickly click on them. Objects bounce and create random movements. You need to get every ball into the basket, so creating continuous control commands is a must.

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