Graveyard Hoops

Graveyard Hoops is a sports-themed game in a dark Halloween atmosphere. Get ready for technical matches and score goals like a pro to win. The main objects in this top match will be two pumpkins. What are you waiting for? Join your friends now and compete with professional moves. The hot cauldrons of oil will be the final destination. Besides, flying brooms will also help the main entity prevent opponents from scoring.

Every time a score is scored, the players’ achievements are recognized. After the specified time expires, the side that scores more goals will become the final winner. Graveyard Hoops requires you to have quick navigation skills. Along with that, reasonable strategies will increase the effectiveness of movements for the entity. Let's experience the mysterious atmosphere of the carnival night and have exciting basketball matches right away!

Hooping with pumpkins

Graveyard Hoops is a two-player game, so you can invite other people to join for the most complete experience. Pay attention to the physical characteristics and bounce of key objects to have appropriate navigation. In addition, don't forget to use flying brooms properly to make the best saves. Furthermore, don't be stupid and score your own goal! The entity's destination is a cauldron of oil that has the same color as the lights in that pumpkin!

How To Play

Here are the command buttons to remember to have a professional match:

  • The green-light side: Players use the S key to knock the entity onto the ground and the W key to sweep the goalkeeper broom. The spin commands to the left and right are the A and D keys.
  • The red-light side: You use the down arrow key to knock the object onto the ground and the up arrow key to sweep the goalkeeper broom. The spin commands to the left and right are the corresponding arrow keys.


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