Supahoop is a sports-themed game with a basketball and unique wings. Players will adventure with the ball in a series of randomly arranged baskets. Your mission is to navigate the entity through every red circle to score points. The round ends when the object collides with two terrain limits or misses a basket.

Supahoop has gameplay similar to Flappy Bird, but the rules are less strict. Players can control the ball to touch the edge of the baskets. However, an accurate dunk will double the score for that circle. Therefore, accurately align the entity's movements to get the highest scores and travel the longest distance. Additionally, you can use achievements to unlock new skins for the adventure ball.

How To Play

Similar to the familiar gameplay in inspiration games, Supahoop also has simple control commands: clicking the mouse. With each click, the object will bounce to a certain level and automatically move straight along the main track. Players need to calculate the exact drop so that the ball falls into the basket in the most perfect way.

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