Basketball With Buddies

Basketball With Buddies is a game that brings together basketball enthusiasts from around the world. The basketball game is straightforward but captivating because it demands accurate aim while tossing the ball into the circle.

Two players face off against one another at opposing ends of a virtual basketball court to start the game. Equal amounts of basketballs are distributed to each player for use during the contest. Tossing the ball into the ring is how you get as many points as you can. At the conclusion of the game, the player with the most points wins.

The game has very basic mechanics. The mouse is used by the player to aim and toss the ball. By dragging the mouse in the desired direction, you can change the ball's trajectory. The ball behaves realistically in the game thanks to the physics engine, which makes it challenging to score regularly.

How To Play

  • Play hoops with your pals.

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