Blocks Move N HIT

Welcome to the Blocks Move N HIT game, a one-of-a-kind and unmatched journey! Play this entertaining puzzle game where you have to move blocks around and think strategically. You'll need to move precisely to get past obstacles in the way of your quest. Gather the gems that are appearing all over the place at the same time. 

You will be placed in a maze with stationary stone obstacles in the game. To overcome obstacles, you must apply your intellect, dexterity, and strategic planning skills. Overcome every challenge and travel across time using portals. The game will test your intellect and your ability to think spatially. You have to move through the blocks in order to finish each of the 25 levels. 

Tips for Winning

Being able to pivot is essential to your success. Whether you're attempting a fast diagonal getaway following a 45-degree collision or a 90-degree turn. It is crucial that you proceed cautiously at all times and make the best decision for you. Are you up for an exciting new adventure? 

How To Play

Make a move and strike the goal

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