Bricks And Balls Pinball

Bricks And Balls Pinball is a fun mashup of Breakout's addictive action with traditional pinball. You'll go on an exciting journey in this game. You take control of a pinball player who smashes dazzling bricks in this game. Bricks are broken with each hit, opening your way and awarding points.

In front of you, a pinball field will appear on the screen. There will be a multicolored brick wall above the playground. There are two levers below that are firmly attached. The ball will drop when you hit the play button. To shoot it into the wall and destroy the bricks, use the two lower levers. You will get points for this, and the ball will fall when it is reflected. You can advance to the game's next level if you've destroyed the wall in its entirety.

Your ability to measure trajectories will be put to the test, as each level features a different tile configuration. In order to win, the game forces you to consider every move you make strategically. A wonderful delight is up front for you. Now go into the vibrant universe and enjoy this entertaining game!

How To Play

  • Using the paddle, smash the bricks as if it were a pinball machine!

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