Cut And Dunk

Cut And Dunk is a fun sports game that tests your knowledge and abilities. This game adds a distinctive twist to the classic basketball game, unlike other basketball games that require you to shoot hoops from a distance or fight fierce opponents. You have to cut the rope holding the basketballs in place and guide them into the basket instead of shooting baskets from a distance. The game looks easy at first, but it gets harder and harder as you go through the stages.

There are 36 stages in the game, and each one has its own unique set of difficulties and challenges. The game gives you clear instructions on how to play at the start, but as you go, the levels get harder. It's challenging to judge when to cut the thread because of the variations in the heights and angles at which the basketballs are suspended. To win in this game, you need to have both patience and strategy.

With each level you complete, the difficulty of the game increases. In certain levels, you have to dodge obstacles like moving platforms and barricades, while in others, you have to dribble the ball through a maze of obstacles and ropes. The game's ever-higher difficulty level lets players advance their abilities and self-assurance. Play today, and you never know—you might find your inner basketball champion!

How To Play

  • To cut the ropes, just slide the screen.

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