Doodle Baseball

Take on the role of delicious food and drinks to hit the ball in the game Doodle Baseball. Players must be exact in order to hit the ball precisely in this difficult baseball game. Take on the role of batter in this thrilling game and lose yourself in the nostalgia of traditional baseball.

Upon initiating the game, you will enter a virtual disc where numerous peanut opponents will be attempting to toss the ball in your direction. You'll change into a variety of foods, like cheese-topped French fries and hot dogs. After that, turn with dexterity to swing the bat and make the following shot. All you have to do is hit the spacebar at the appropriate moment. Bonus points are awarded if you hit the ball. The more points you get, the harder the challenge gets. To hit home runs and rack up big runs, swing your bat precisely and at the appropriate moments!


  • Players of all ages can choose and play because of the straightforward and basic gameplay.
  • Charming individuals have appealing cuisine, and every character has unique skills and traits.
  • colorful and captivating animations. As you hit a home run, take in the energizing sound effects created by the crowd.

How To Play

  • You strike the opponent's ball using the mouse.

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