Doodle Cricket

Doodle Cricket is the perfect online game for you if you love cricket. Your task is to help the funny character Doodle hit as many balls as possible. Start showing off your shooting skills in this exciting game.

When you start playing, you will find yourself in a position on a soccer field where there are snails standing in front of you, tossing the ball for you. They move slowly, but in their hands is a red ball. The snails will throw the ball towards you as soon as you give the command. You will use precise aiming skills and a stick to hit the incoming ball. If your calculations are correct and the bat hits the ball, balls bearing the number six will fly up at the edge of the field. This is the maximum score for the best shot.

Timing and reflexes are key components of the game's basic principles, which test your ability to swing a cricket bat at the perfect moment to get the best score. Will the snails' perceived slowness be surpassed by your nimble cricket squad, or will their skills surprise you? Play now to respond to this question!


  • A simple game with excellent graphics
  • Variable camera angles
  • Face up against AI opponents

How To Play

  • You strike the red ball with the mouse.

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