Doodle Jump

Controlling an animated doodle character and making the highest jumps possible is the goal of Doodle Jump. Since the game never ends, try to leap for as long as you can to get the greatest score. Are you prepared to go on an endless journey?

The player has to avoid obstacles like adversaries, bombs, and boulders while traveling. It takes a lot of practice to avoid obstacles as they get more complicated. Black holes and extraterrestrials pose the greatest hazard. Next, you'll notice propeller caps and boosters to aid you advance. Make sure you jump carefully so as not to move up too quickly and headbutt them.

You can select from four different game modes: Adventure, Endless, Multiplayer, and Challenge. Each mode can be selected based on your skill level.


  • The never-ending game has no end.
  • Boost the force with which you move forward.
  • Many difficult difficulties

How To Play

  • You make use of the keyboard.

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