Doodle Jumping: Christmas

Doodle Jumping: Christmas takes you on an endlessly entertaining Christmas leaping adventure. The game provides a thrilling and lively experience. Playing this game will put your reflexes, hand-eye coordination, and resolve to the test. Step into the snow-covered, picturesque environment and begin playing!

Your goal is to direct your character to jump from one platform to another without tripping. Be cautious since the steps covered in white snow may crack at any point. Make your character jump as high as possible. The game will grow more intriguing and varied as you advance through it, jumping higher and higher. This will give you a lot of bonus points.

Set a high score so that no other gamer can beat you. You will encounter a variety of obstacles and subjects as you proceed. However, don't worry; as long as you practice sufficiently, nothing will be too difficult for you. Now celebrate Christmas and enjoy this game right away. Relax and enjoy yourself while playing!

How To Play

  • You use the mouse to control the game and try your best to win

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