Rainbow Obby

Prepare yourself for Rainbow Obby's vibrant adventure and obstacle course! In this game, you'll explore a gorgeous, dynamic world with a rainbow theme while overcoming a series of trials that get harder and harder. You will travel across a variety of locations as you advance in the game, and the obstacles will get more difficult. Level scenes have a unique color scheme and an assortment of obstacles.

This game never gets boring with its more than 30 levels full of tricky jumps and perilous hazards. Your pulse quickens with anticipation as you gaze up at the enormous rainbows that span the sky. Numerous obstacles are in store for you. Massive climbing walls, flimsy platforms hovering in midair, and decrepit passageways that feel like they could give way beneath your feet. Are you prepared to move on from it?

Can you succeed on every level in this vibrant world? Your new normal will include heart-stopping climbs, death-defying jumps, and split-second maneuvers. By clicking the play button right now, you can overcome the treacherous obstacles that lie ahead and get wonderful rewards!

How To Play

  • To flip a screen, either touch it or use the mouse.

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