Dunk Hoop

Unlike other basketball games you've played, Dunk Hoop has a completely new gameplay mechanic. In this game, you will become the hoop itself and not throw the ball. It's up to you to move around the screen and grab falling balls.

When you play this game, you'll notice that the basketball will shoot at various speeds from the opposing location. It is your responsibility to ensure that these balls land in the hoop. Points will be awarded to you for each goal scored. Keep in mind that making perfect baskets will boost your score more quickly and raise it on the scoreboard. Special control arrows can be used to manipulate the ring.

Tips and Trick

Moving accurately is the most crucial aspect of this game. Moving too quickly or too slowly may cause the balls to fall out of the basket. When it's feasible, try to make perfect baskets to raise your score more quickly.


  • Play as a hoop in this unique game.
  • A quick pace improves thinking.
  • Possibility of competing for top scores

How To Play

  • To move and fire the ball, use your mouse or finger.

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