Hop Hop

Hop Hop is a fun game that combines basketball gameplay with the movement elements of Flappy Bird. In this game, your goal is to move the red ball without colliding with the spikes above and below. Simultaneously, jumping helps the ball go through the circle and collect as many mushrooms as possible.

The game requires you to have a very high level of ingenuity. If you are just a little careless, your ball will hit sharp spikes. Not only that, along the way, you will also see vertical sewer pipes filled with spikes. You must do everything possible not to touch them and pass through them safely.

Be the one to earn the most points possible in this fun game. If you collect mushrooms, you will get one point. If you throw the ball through the ring from top to bottom, you will receive 2 bonus points. If you pass the ball from bottom to top, you will receive three bonus points. Prepare yourself to relax, enter the endless adventure, and earn as many points as possible!

How To Play

  • You use the spacebar or mouse to control the red ball.

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