Euro Soccer Forever

Prepare yourself for an incredible simulation of a penalty kick in this incredible Euro Soccer Forever game! Your goal in this game is to score as many goals as you can. To win the game, take turns making the penalty shot and outwit your rivals. Show off your abilities to everyone!

You select a team and see a leaderboard when the game first launches. There are eight teams playing in the game, and you can dress as any team member on any team. Attacker-wise, your character is an expert at making free throws from various locations and ranges along the opponent's goal. The other qualifying matches were not included in the game, so the contest began in the quarterfinals. All you have to do to win is move his mouse in the desired direction. You will score a goal if your aim is accurate.

Tips To Win

For you to have more success, you need to enhance the player's abilities. Though it won't be simple, attempt to outpace the goalie in speed and skill. The penalty kick is shared by you and your opponent in turn. Every participant is given five balls to shoot, and your objective is to outscore every opponent to win the tournament.

How To Play

  • Mouse = Navigation
  • LMB = interaction, select, or hold to draw.

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