Football Stars Championship

Take part in the Football Stars Championship game and take home the championship trophy. Probably the only football game in which nothing happens on the field is this one. That means on the field, you will not see players kicking the ball. However, this does not mean the game works. You can still control the football field through the ball icons on the field. Your objective is to increase your point total by making accurate shots that flawlessly evade the goalie.

You're in for many thrilling rounds of intense combat. The only control you'll have is a big yellow button with the word attack on it. A row of three photographs will show up on the screen after you click on them. You will see indicators for attack, defense, energy gain, and other activities. They will build up at the top of the board, and you can shoot at your opponent's goal as soon as you have three of the same things.

How To Play

To make your selections on the display screen, use the mouse. Aim to get better at duels and increase your point total while playing minigames. Accumulate trophies concurrently and emerge victorious. Can you demonstrate that your team is victorious?

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