Flip Dunk

Flip Dunk has the potential to completely change the way we play the traditional game of basketball. The location of a specific structure on the screen will cause a playing field to appear. There will be a lever to position the basketball in a specific location. At a specific distance, a basketball hoop will be seen. You must determine the throw's force and use leverage to perform it. The ball will touch the ring if all the parameters are calculated correctly, and you will be awarded points in accordance with this.

Timing and accuracy are key components of this game. The gameplay of the game involves launching a basketball from a lever at one end of the court, which is a basic yet addictive mechanic. The player may aim at the throw with extreme precision because the lever can be modified to alter the throw's force and angle.

Why then wait? Flip Dunk is the ideal game for those who enjoy challenging and entertaining games, basketball, or physics. It will provide you with hours of fun and excitement thanks to its appealing gameplay, cutting-edge UI, and wide variety of challenges. So why not give it a shot and discover why it's so much fun? You're going to love it!

How To Play

  • Click with the mouse or touch


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