Football Dash 2

Welcome to the exciting football sports game called Football Dash 2! As a professional striker in this game, your task is to score goals into the opponent's goal on your own. Your goal is to kick the ball into the goal after completing a predetermined distance while dodging numerous hazardous obstacles. You have a ton of incredibly fascinating stages ahead of you. Begin exploring the thrilling realm of football like you've never done before! 

You'll have a long road ahead of you to travel once you get started. Up there, there are a lot of hurdles. When the gauge above your hero fills, you can sprint through it safely and blow away any obstructions that stand in your way. Gather golden keys at the same time so that you can open treasure boxes that pop up along the route. Once you cross the finish line, you need to kick hard to get past any obstacles and place the ball in the goal. Points are awarded for a kick that is completed and strikes the opponent's goal. The points you accumulate can be used to buy amazing stuff, build muscle, and improve strength. 

How To Play

  • All you have to do to control your character is move the pointer in the desired direction by pressing the left mouse button.

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