Football Stars

Participate in the worldwide soccer tournament among the stars that is waiting for you in the Football Stars game. You will get the opportunity to fight against a huge number of world-renowned players and prove that you are on par with them. Upon entering the soccer field, you will notice that your opponents are in front of you while you play. After the signal is transmitted, a ball will appear in the center of the playing field.

Your goal is to either get the ball into your control first or to knock it out of the opponent's hands and direct it into the net. They continue to ambush you and compete for the ball, deterring your progress. Achieving victory over your opponents and then aiming your weapon at the target will require you to have dexterous control over your character. You will have a 90-second match phase in which you must score as many goals as possible in order to defeat your opponent.

A goal is considered scored when the ball makes contact with the net, and a point is awarded for it. If you are talented and precise enough, the ball will strike the net. If you want to win matches and eventually become the game's leader, you must devise a plan based on scoring more goals than your opponents. Participate in the well-known sporting event and demonstrate your abilities right now.

How To Play

  • Bounce the ball using the mouse.

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