Gorilla Adventure

Embark on a space exploration journey of a city in outer space in Gorilla Adventure! This challenging and difficult game promises to bring you a great experience. In this game, you will transform into the Japanese character Gorilla with a hammer in your hand. Your mission is to use this hammer to move by hooking and pushing and help your character reach the finish line.

A massive architectural work with many challenges is before your eyes. You must use the character's hammer to gradually move up. The journey was fraught with many difficulties because the project was very complex, so moving was not easy.

Be careful because the monkey can fall at any time if you don't pay attention. If it falls, you will return to the highest respawn gate you passed through to continue your journey. There will be 10 gates spread across all three floors for you to explore. Grab the hammer and see how far you can move!


  • Climb towers to get breathtaking vistas.
  • Simple controls.
  • Endless rewards await.

How To Play

You only need to use the mouse to manipulate the character's hammer.

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